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Chibi Mimique
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○ when thoughts become things ○
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21st-Mar-2013 04:34 pm - [sticky post] LIKHANG MUKHA Face-up

Hi, I'm Allemarthé and welcome to my face-up thread! ^^
I love BJDs and I love giving life to them! ♥

*"Likhang Mukha" is a Filipino term meaning 'created faces'.

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♥ ♥ ♥

110 SGD | aprox. 87 USD - Large Dolls
100 SGD | aprox. 78 USD - Mini Dolls
95 SGD | aprox. 75 USD - Tiny Dolls

*fantasy face-ups/tattoos - PM me!

5 SGD - human lashes
8 SGD - doll lashes

Free attachment - if providing your own

***I no longer remove previous face-ups. Please make sure your
doll head is blank and clean before sending them to me.

***For those using Paypal, There will be additional PP fee charges as per new rule.

***For locals, Bank transfers and Cash on meet-up is possible, depending on my schedule.

***Payment is made after the face-up commission is done

○ MSC flat (plain or with UV cut)
○ Faber castel watercolor pencils
○ Saitograph & Volks pastels
○ Mr. Hobby Acrylics
○ Mr. Hobby Clear Gloss
○ Mr. Hobby Retarder- mild
○ Mr. Hobby Thinner

Please refer to this ff. links.
(prices shown in Singapore dollars)


***IMPORTANT: Please include face mask and carefully pack the head
before shipping it to me. I will not be held responsible for any
lost or damaged items.

- I have my own style of face-up. Given so, I will not copy other artist's work...
You may give me image references, but I will only follow a similar color and feel to it.
Please consider this before you commission me.

- I no longer accept heads with face-ups.

- I do NOT accept face-up alterations after the work is 100% done,
unless I wasn't able to follow the instructions given on the Commission form you submitted.

-If you are not satisfied with end result, I am willing to redo the face-up for half the price.
If you are still not satisfied after the second time, I will remove the face-up and send it back to you.
You don't have to pay for the face-up fee, but shipping expenses will be covered the owner.

* Please ensure you already have the doll in your possession before commissioning me.
This is to be fair to others who already have their dolls in hand and wish to get a slot;
it is also to ensure I remain on schedule.

*Please check your dolls' heads before you send them to me for any MODIFICATIONS or damages/defects.

If there are any it is VERY IMPORTANT that I am notified beforehand.

*I will only accept a maximum of two heads per person.

- Average time to complete a commission would probably take around 1 week to a month, depending on my schedule.

- face-up form filled - head received - face-up in progress
- face-up finished - face-up approved - sent back to owner

CLOSED! - Will open early 2014

♕ ♕ ♕
The White Maiden

❅ ❄ ❀ ❄ ❅

Pure as snow, clear as day, think I'll love her anyway
Nothing is broken and everything is free, including me
Wish it once wish it twice, open the heart to everything nice...

[+2]Collapse )

Model: Ha-Yarn Cho
Face-up & Styling: Alemarthe of Likhang Mukha
EVENT: Guess who? - Clue 2

Let's play: "The Name Game!" ^^

-Let's see how good you are in identifying sculpts-- Guess all four and win a free face-up slot from Likhang Mukha :D

CLICK HERE and find out how. :)

Deadline of submission will be August 3, 2012 | 11:30pm Singapore time.

** For the winner outside SG, shipping is not included. For locals, meet up is possible to my convenience.

19th-Mar-2011 04:32 pm - ^-^ [likhang mukha]

Busy busy weekend...

30th-Oct-2010 11:10 am - Allemeet | 20101002 [dolls, events, friends]
Click the image above for the link. ♥
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